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more girlies...

This little sweetheart just turned one and needed photos from her Auntie Jill just because I'm addicted to the cuteness of her and her big sis!

It looks like I'm going to need to learn to get some better horizontal shots especially since I got a pretty new lens for that very thing, as a lavish gift for my fortieth  (Thank you, Love!)   I've got lots to learn to capture more of this sparkling beauty!  Thanks for indulging me in a little photo shoot with your girls, dear J9!

Everybody loves Anna!  Happy Birthday darling girl!!

Just the Girls...

They were so sweet to meet me at "their park" for photos because I sure long to be able to capture the loveliness of such fantastic people and I sure do need practice.  Thanks dear B. Beauties for letting me practice on you!

Mountain Mamas

It was our second annual outing to the mountains for a picnic and play day... kinda sorta a day off and definitely a day to bless the Mamas.   This is a very happy Mother's Day tradition I'd like to see go long in our lives.

We're so grateful for this group of friends to do life with and to worship together with here.

Sunday morning

I can't see how family photography could ever become a job for me.  I simply LOVE taking photos of families way too much to charge anyone for the privilege.  These guys were pure joy to spend a bit of the morning with...  even when it meant we were a bit late for church together!

(Here's a tiny bit of the action this family is packed with... 
and I'm just going to guess it's about 24/7 with this crew!)

Blessings to you dear H. fam!

The Lees

I can't find words to say how grateful we are for these friends.  These folks, this beautiful family, are sparkling gems... in our lives and in the church.  

We love the Lees!

Thanks so much for letting me take some family photos for you guys....  
Next time, more of E. and more of all of you!  OK?  :)  If I had snapped away for just 5 minutes longer, I think I could have gotten some more, better shots.  I hate that some of these aren't ideally crisp and clear.  Thanks for being so gracious with me...  and thanks for being my practice crew!    

much love to you guys, in Christ,

The Howdies

We love these guys!  

(the perfectly planned photo bomb)

So grateful they were willing to be my first family for photos with my beautiful new camera.  I'm one grateful mama!  Here's to snapping many more happy family photos.... and even the hard, happy ones.

The name I've chosen for this photo love is Eb Stone, for the Ebenezer stones that mark the path, that form the landmarks on the journeys that the Lord leads and guides and provides for us to move forward in.   Joshua taught the people of Israel, when they crossed through the Jordan River, (my paraphrase) "In the future, your children will look at these stones and ask what they mean.  You'll be able to tell them all the wonders that the Lord wrought to bring you to each place, how each step was covered with His grace."

For our family, photos are our Ebenezer stones.  "What do these stones mean?"  They mean that though this family never planned to be on this continent at this time... though they never would have chosen this season... though they don't have a clue what direction they'll be heading next year:  The Lord has brought them here.  The Lord has kept and will keep them, and He never abandoned them, though recent months have been hard.  The Lord is with them.   And there is So. Much. Grace. in this story, in this family, in this season.

"Thus far the Lord brought us."    May these photos, these stones, and these precious lives tell the story of His great, knowing, sovereign, powerful love.

the bump, the baby & the tree

I took these pics of my dear friend Jeannine just days before we parted ways for a few months.  

Her belly was this beautifully full...

...and her hands were full too.

Then, jump ahead six months...

And she's on double duty now.

Good thing she's got a good man...

...and it sure doesn't hurt that these two are so darn cute.  

These photos were all taken in the lovely little public park where they had their wedding and reception five years ago.  Jeannine wanted to sit in the same tree as she sat in on her wedding day (in the first family shot above) to show what their family is like five years later.  (I hope I can do the ten years, twenty years later shots too.)  What a treat to get to see this special place with you, dear friends.  Your family is absolutely priceless, precious, beyond words to us!  

And... thanks too for being my first photos here :)